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Hello Everyone!

So far the last few weeks of February and the beginning of March have been a month of sickness for myself and my family! As soon as one person gets over it, the next one gets it. It's been a pretty exhausting cycle.

For those of you living in the North I am sure that you are enjoying the past few days of warmth - I know I am! I'm so glad that spring and warmer weather is just around the corner.

So what is it that I've been working on lately?

I have added an

essential oils page which currently has about 10 essential oils, their benefits and how to use them. There are over 350 different essential oils, so I have come up with a list of the 50 most popular and plan to add them to my site.

I've also added a section to the website called Kayla's Skin Care Tips where a friend of mine has posted tips and tricks for the latest skin care and skin care information. From at-home acne facial peels, to natural cosmetic reviews and tips and tricks for wearing the best colors for your skin/eye color. So be sure to check it out!

Another section I've added recently is Anti Aging Skin Care Recipes and Home Remedies where you'll find interesting ways to use eggs, how coffee can make you look younger and much more.

As you can see I've been very busy the past few months and I hope you enjoy the page, if there's anything you'd like to see added to our site, please write to me!

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Write Your Own Reviews

Everybody has an opinion when it comes to skin care and cosmetic products that they've used. I am working on integrating sections into the website where you can write your own experience. Currently there are two sections that you can tell your story;

Under the Testimonials section, this is strictly for you to write on, I want you to tell the world if you liked or hated our products and why. It's very simple to do, all you need is a first name, your experience (and an e-mail address if you'd like a response). Type your story, hit submit and within a few hours it will be live for everyone to see! You can also rate other people's experiences on a 5 star scale, if you agree, give them 5 stars, if not you don't have to leave any or you can make it lower.

Another area where you can write is the Makeup Review Section, have a great experience with a certain makeup company? How about a horrible one? As girls we love talking about makeup, so here's your license to do so! Have fun with it and share with others!

I love hearing what you have to say, so please feel free to write in and share your comments, suggestions, or questions!

Cherise McClimans

PUREfect Your Skin

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