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Age Spots (Liver Spots)

What They Are And How To Prevent Them









As you get older you may begin to notice a few dark marks start to appear on your skin. They can be flat brown spots on skin, black or gray in color.

Liver spots may be a dark brown or red color, kind of like red freckles - the same color as the liver.

Most people don’t understand what causes them, and end up using a ton of harsh chemical treatments or skin whitening products to get rid of them.


It can be bad for your skin and your health to use these creams and serums.

So What Causes Them?

When you are exposed to the sun, your body produces what is called melanin. Melanin is what creates the nice golden tan that so many people desire, but its main purpose is to protect the body from being baked by the UV rays.

When you’re outside in the sun, melanin rushes to the skin.

Sometimes though, in the deeper layers of the skin, the melanin creates clusters under the layers where our skin is exposed the most. Typically on the hands and face (though it is definitely not limited to just those places!)

As we age, and as dead skin layers are sloughed off, brown spots begin to appear on our skin after many years of sun exposure. These are the melanin clusters from deep within our skin.

While we don’t know how many or how long they have been there until they start to appear, it is possible to get rid of those unsightly spots.

There are many ways to look after your skin and reduce the signs of aging, including homemade beauty recipes that are so delicious and easy to make you won't be able to resist them.

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First things first – since age spots are created by overexposure to UV rays and the body’s defense mechanisms going up to create a barrier, the most important thing to remember is to wear an organic sunscreen.

Protect your skin with a sunscreen that includes zinc oxide. The zinc oxide acts as tiny reflectors mirroring the sun and UV rays, instead of clogging your pores. It's a great eco friendly beauty solution!

One surprising place to find zinc oxide - which I was unaware of until a friend pointed it out - is diaper rash creams.

Many diaper rash creams use Zinc Oxide as the main ingredient, such as Burt's Bees brand among others.

So if you're in a pinch and can't find an actual sunscreen, this diaper rash cream will do the trick! It just might take a little more effort to rub it in - but worth it to help prevent those age spots!

You can find more information about natural sunscreen here.

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  • Mineral oil has been known to have many harmful effects, and is known as a carcinogen (cancer causing), yet many companies still use them in their shampoos, cosmetics, diaper rash ointments etc. So be sure to check your labels!



  • Make sure you


    your skin to remove the dead layers and allow the clean layers to be revealed.

    Age spots form in multiple layers of the skin, the less dead layers you have, the less they will be revealed. It helps to even out the skin and create a nice glowing effect as well.

    For best results you want to exfoliate at least twice weekly, and up to 3-4 times weekly for more severe cases.

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    Dead Sea Mud for Exfoliation

    Dead Sea Mud for Exfoliation

    Dead Sea Mud is a great thing to use for exfoliation, and it’s just a simple two step process.

    It tightens your pores, tones the skin, draws toxins out and gets rid of the dead skin cells.

  • Dead Sea Mud

  • Apply to the skin and let sit for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off. That’s it!

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  • The next thing you want to do is moisturize!

    Exfoliating can leave your skin dry, so moisturizing is essential to keep everything hydrated, elastic and glowing.

    The best kind to use are whole product moisturizers like those with

    raw cocoa butter or raw shea butter as ingredients.

    These products help to smooth and even out skin tone as it rehydrates your skin. They also provide a protective layer against the harsh elements like radiation and UV rays which are major factors in age spots. It’s important that you use raw ingredients for them to be the most beneficial to your skin.

    Be careful though, if you have never used it before and have an allergy to nuts, it is a good idea to just try a small portion to see how your skin reacts, as Shea is a nut.

    If you do have an allergy to nuts and cannot use Shea Butter, the next best thing is Raw Cocoa Butter mixed with Olive Oil.

    Once you have done those two basics for a few weeks you should start to notice a difference in the age spots.

    If a product has been sitting around for 15-24 months, it’s active properties no longer exist and it only serves as a good moisturizer.

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    Use a Self Tanner or Fake Tan

    Use a Self Tanner or Fake Tan

  • If you love the look of tanned skin, and maybe you have always been a sucker for laying out and soaking up the rays during the summer - then you might like to consider the growing trend towards self-tanning (or fake tan).

    Both the suns rays and UV sun beds are known to cause skin problems (including skin cancer), but are also a factor in aging and age spots.

    I discovered a long time ago that there are some fantastic self tanners available - from brands such as Lavera - that are organic, with no harsh chemicals or additives, it's perfect for that golden glow without the orange effect.

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    As with any skin condition you should seek the council of your dermatologist to pinpoint the exact condition you may have. Some people believe they just have harmless age spots, when in reality it could be something much more serious. So before using any treatment make sure you talk to your doctor!

    *This website is meant for informational purposes only. Not meant to treat, cure or prevent any diseases, and while we do our best to have accurate information, things are constantly changing, so it is always best to talk to your dermatologist or practitioner before using any of the advice given. *

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