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Beautiful Feet

The Basics of Foot Care

To have beautiful feet you need to make a bit of an effort as this hard working part of your body needs just as much care as anywhere else!

There are simple daily tasks you can carry out, with minimal time or cost, to make sure your feet stay healthy and sweet smelling.

By using a combination of thorough cleaning, moisturizing and removing dead skin you too can achieve feet you are proud to show off in public!

Dry Feet

The treatment of dry skin on your feet is much the same as anywhere else on your body.

You need to moisturize your skin daily as you do with your face and body.

If you are able to apply the moisturizer and then put socks on your feet before you go to bed you will find this an even more effective way of treating your dry feet.

Find out more about Dry Skin and Natural Moisturizers.

Foot Odor

Smelly feet are generally caused by a build up of bacteria on your feet.

If your feet are enclosed in shoes on a regular basis you are more likely to suffer from foot odor. Wearing socks, and changing them at least daily, will lessen the chance of foot odor developing.

In addition you need to be scrubbing your feet each day.

You simply need to use a foot brush in the bath or shower, along with plenty of soap. Work the soap into a lather as you scrub your feet.
Make sure you get in between your toes too.

In most cases it should not be necessary to use lotions and treatments if your feet are clean and allowed to breathe regularly.

What Should I Buy

You can get really effective, sturdy brushes for your feet that are made from natural materials. They do a good job and are also better for the environment when produced as well as at the end of their life.


If you find the odor is still really bad, this may be due to your shoes.
An effective treatment for both the shoes and your feet is a foot powder.
You will find a recipe for a homemade foot powder here.

Rough Skin

Getting rid of the rough skin that develops on your feet is not difficult.

Regular use of PUMICE STONE is a well-known treatment for the toughened skin around the edge of the sole of your foot and your toes.

It is really effective in removing callouses and tough skin.


Pumice is a natural volcanic rock. It is extremely light, and filled with many holes. This is a rock that will actually float on water!
You still need to treat your feet with care when using the pumice as it is quite tough - but that is also why it is so effective.

I find the best time to use it is at the end of a bath, shower or foot spa, when your skin has already softened.

Simply gently rub the pumice stone across the area where you want to remove the skin - a bit like sandpapering your feet really!

If you do this regularly you will find it becomes easier as there is less work to do each time, and you are well on the way to beautiful feet.

What Should I Choose For Beautiful Feet

I simply use a piece of plain pumice rock from the beach. If you need to buy some then I would recommend you do the same; just a plain piece of rock. Less packaging and processing; better for the environment and still does the same job.

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