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Pure Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil
Benefits for Skin

Pure unrefined virgin coconut oil benefits; made from fresh coconuts using a centrifuge process, and is widely used in natural skincare recipes and products.

This is the only kind that should be used for skin care, as it still has all of the beneficial nutrients that your skin needs.

Even better still if the trees are organic.

Other ways that they can be processed to retain oil involve:

  • chemical additives
  • refining until nutrients are lost
  • adding fillers in order to keep the melting point at a higher level (which is used widely amongst cooking).

    The additional processing results in the chemicals entering the product, making it unsuitable for use on your skin.

    Coconut Oil Benefits

    The melting point of pure unrefined virgin oil is 76ºF (24.4ºC).

    This makes it a good carrier oil for many cosmetic or skin products since it is easily absorbed into the skin.

    When applied topically it creates a thin protective layer over the skin, which allows the natural moisture of the skin to stay locked in keeping it soft and supple.

    So you can use it as a really simple but effective moisturizer all over your face and body.
    Another wonderful gift of natural skin care!


    At PurefectYourSkin.com we love this great carrier oil!
    It has a wonderful smell as well as a wonderful texture that leaves your skin soft and smooth.

    Here are some wonderful natural skincare recipes for you to try too!

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    Special Note: I use Amazon online to purchase ready to go products so I can maintain my natural skin care regime at all times, e.g travelling, working long hours, unable to get to the store... It is a good alternative without compromising my ideals.

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