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Eczema Miracle

Causes and Home Remedies

If you're like millions of people out there you are looking for an eczema miracle.

This is something that I've suffered with in the past, it can last for weeks when you don't know how to take care of it, and it's very unsightly.

When I had it, I thought it was just patches of dry skin and would apply lots of cocoa butter to the area. It helped temporarily but never cleared it up.

That's when I found out that it's usually caused by food allergies.

(Ever wondered What’s Left to Eat When You Have Multiple Food Allergies?)

What is Eczema?

This skin condition is a type of dermatitis (atopic), sometimes called eczema craquele, which is a french term meaning "covered with cracks".

It is characterized by red flaky blotches of skin that can be itchy, or painful; they can ooze pus or be hard and scale-like.



A lot of people wonder which foods cause eczema, typically it's an allergic reaction to a protein found in milk.

Once milk is removed from the diet 75% of those who have eczema will notice it disappear or clear up considerably.


The second most common cause of eczema is a zinc deficiency, add 15mg of zinc with 2mg of copper to your diet (zinc depletes the body of copper) and it may just be the eczema miracle you are looking for.

These zinc tablets come highly recommended. They are 30mg so you will need to halve them (this seems to be the standard size tablet) but they are natural as well as vegetarian friendly.
Take them alongside the 2mg Copper tablets (also highly recommended) for maximum effect.


  • Weather changes
  • Candida (Yeast) Infections
  • Infections
  • Poor circulation caused by a low thyroid
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Mold
  • Food Allergies
  • Kidney and Liver overload
  • When the kidneys and liver have too much work to do by doing a daily detox on the body to keep itself clean, they can become overloaded and cause various skin problems including eczema and acne. Which is why it's important to eat clean, the less processed a food is the better it is for you.
  • Stress

How To Determine Eczema Causes

Trying to figure out what causes eczema is trial and error. For me it was an allergic reaction to a certain type of chocolate (ugh! What female wants to be allergic to chocolate!?) For you it might be milk, a zinc deficiency or maybe even pollen allergies.

You know your body best and it's important to take the time to listen to what it's telling you.  Do not jump to conclusions due to frustration and discomfort that can make you eager for an eczema miracle.

You can also take a visit to your dermatologist who can do a scratch test to determine if you have any allergies that are contributing to the eczema.

I recommend you visit your dermatologist anyway just to make sure it's not a more serious skin condition.

Eczema Treatments

There are many home remedies for eczema and I have to say this one thing; I cannot believe that so-called experts are out there telling people to bathe their infants in bleach water as part of their eczema treatments.

Bleach is a chemical that was originally formulated as a poison during World War II; it has since been diluted for use in whitening clothing, but it's never been recommended that you touch it. In fact you are supposed to wear gloves while handling it and if it touches your skin you are immediately supposed to flush it with soap and water.

With something as harsh as this, I wouldn't ever consider bathing a baby with eczema - who is likely to splash the water, possibly getting it into their eyes - in bleach.


Potatoes are known to be soothing to the skin. 

You can use both the juice and the flesh.

Grated, peeled, raw potato mixed with olive oil can be very soothing and anti-inflammatory.


    Dead Sea Salt baths are great for symptom relief and a great eczema miracle for babies. Dead sea salt helps improve circulation, reduces inflammation and helps the skin cells regenerate.
    Less inflammation means less itching and less pain, specifically in little ones.
    Add 1/4 cup per baby bath or 1/2 cup for adult bath.

    Dead Sea Salt is a safe natural treatment. A quality bag of salt such as this one should last quite a while at the usage quantities detailed above.


    OPTION 1:


  • 5 drops of Chamomile Oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender Oil
  • 20ml of Evening Primrose Oil or Borage Oil

    OR OPTION 2:


  • 3 drops of Chamomile Oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender Oil
  • 2 drops of Cedarwood Oil

  • 20ml of Jojoba Oil or Olive Oil


  • Mix the above oils together, then massage into the affected area of the body.
  • As with any new treatment, please use with caution as some people have an allergic reaction (particularly to the Chamomile) and it could worsen the problem.

    When you are choosing essential oils keep in mind that they won't last forever, and that you will only use a small amount for each recipe.
    Good quality pure oils are worth the investment.

    Edens Garden are a well known brand with a good reputation and a good range of oils available.

    Carrier oils are an important part of your recipe.
    Here are some quality cold pressed oils to choose from.


    Chamomile cream has been helpful to many people, but should only be used under supervision of a practitioner.


    Dead Sea Mud

    like Dead Sea Salt, contains many minerals that help heal the skin.

  • Here are a couple of options for either face or body. If you want the choice of either I would go for the face mud as it will be less harsh on the body than the body mud would be on the face!


    Using good moisturizers like

    raw cocoa butter and raw shea butter

    These will provide minerals and nutrients to the skin, keeping it hydrated and helping to relieve some of the symptoms.

    Sometimes this is just the eczema miracle that people are looking for (though sometimes, it just relieves it for a short period which is why it's important to remember to pay attention to your allergies!)

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