Essential Oil Use Chart for Aging Skin

What They Are And Their Skin Benefits

Need an essential oil use chart? So many people love using aromatherapy for aging skin, as it can be relaxing, rejuvenating and make your appearance much better.

This list will help you decide which of the pure oils is right for your skin.

All of these help to reduce wrinkles or are great for mature skin, as well as specific additional benefits as listed below.

Most Essential Oils Need a Carrier Oil

Remember to dilute the oils from the essential oil use chart with a carrier oil.

Remember to dilute them 10-15 drops per every 1 ounce of carrier oil.

Or you can pour 1/4 teaspoon of your chosen essential oil (or oils) into a bath of warm water and soak for 20 minutes to enjoy a nice relaxing break.

For further benefits you could add ½ cup of Dead Sea Salt to relax muscles and help reduce arthritic pain.

Type Benefits
Carrot Seed Oil Great for those suffering from eczema or who are retaining excess water. Also helps with anxiety and stress.
Elemi Oil Great for those with scars, also helps to reduce stress.
Frankincense Great for anxiety, fatigue, stretch marks and scars.
Galbanum Oil Helps with acne scars, stretch marks, and emotional stability.
Lemon Oil Helps varicose veins, corns, great for those who have oily skin and improves concentration.
Linden Blossom Oil Helps with migraines, insomnia, reduces stress, livens dull skin and softens age spots.
Neroli Essential Oil Helps to reduce the appearance of acne scaring, stretch marks, and is great for those who have oily skin.
Patchouli Essential Oil Helps reduce cellulite, good for those who have dermatitis and dandruff, great for those with oily skin. It also helps to reduce exhaustion and stress.
Rose Essential Oil Good for those with eczema, and for those suffering with menopause, anxiety, and panic attacks.

What Should I Buy

Now that you know what each of these essential oils is for, it makes it a lot easier to decide what to buy.

You do not need a large quantity of oil, especially as you will also add it to a carrier oil.

The choices below are fresh, from reputable suppliers, and affordable.

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