"Good for you and good for the environment"

Homemade Gift Ideas
for Natural Skincare

Good for Your Budget and Good for the Environment

We have put together some free homemade gift ideas to help you personalize your gifts and save you money.

Many of these are also better for our environment, especially if they use natural ingredients combined with upcycled packaging.


If upcycled is a new word for you... it is the re-use of waste or second hand materials to give them new life and better environmental value.

For example,

  • Taking beautiful old fabric from a dress that is no longer in style, and using it to decorate cushions, or make a new shirt, or in a gorgeous patchwork quilt.
  • Or saving that beautiful glass jar from your coffee or pasta to fill with goodies.
  • Reusing those bright and happy Christmas or birthday cards to make gift tags.

    Some Gift Ideas

    Here are some really simple homemade gift ideas, that use natural products such as herbs and natural fabrics like linen, cotton or muslin.

  • Pomander - historically pomanders have had many forms and uses. A modern take on the pomander is the orange dotted with cloves. Done well, they can be a decorative and scented talking point for the coffee table. Big or small. Give some thought to patterns of the cloves around the orange. Choose a modern fabric or ribbon to go around them. And find something to top them off like an ornamental dried flower or an interesting see pod. Cloves are also a good natural moth and insect repellent.

  • Lavender Scent Bag / Sachet - simple, easy and effective to use in a drawer or wardrobe. Forget lace and flowers - think checks, stripes or spots for a fresh look and fragrance!

  • Catnip Mouse - fun for the cat lover! Rustic, homemade items such as this are making a comeback and would be a great gift for a cat owner.

  • Pot Pourri - this may seem like one of those outdated homemade gift ideas, but perhaps that is because it has been done to death by overpowering commercial varieties. Handmade, home grown pot pourri for a friend can be a wonderful personal gift, especially if the herbs you use address a health concern for your friend. Maybe it is calming, uplifting or relaxing...

  • Sleep Pillow - perfect for the insomniac in your life! Choose from lemon verbena, peppermint, lemon balm or lavender - use well dried herbs enclosed in a gorgeous natural fabric. Perfect to sit on their bed or favorite chair. Did you know that hops is an alternative for hay fever sufferers?

  • Keep your homemade gift ideas personal and modern. Just because it is an old idea does not mean it can not be re-thought to be fresh and modern. The time and thought you put into your homemade gift ideas will be more valuable than anything you could have bought.


  • Get yourself organized in advance so the plants have time to grow.
  • Choose some herbs/plants that can be used in natural skincare, either fresh or to be dried later on.
  • You can plant them in a tidy, used plant container.
  • Decorate or wrap the plant pot. Try a cotton tea towel wrapped around and tied with a bow.
  • Attach some information and recipes on how to use the plant for health, cooking and skincare.
  • How about a fragrant potted trio of Lavender, Rosemary and Basil?

    What could be more natural about these homemade gift ideas?

    Recipe Links

    Here I have included easy links to some of our all natural skin care products you may wish to choose as one of your homemade gift ideas.

    These particular recipes have a bit more of a shelf life than many of the others so keep a bit better for gifts.






    FOOT CARE - make up some fragrant Foot Powder and put together a Foot Care Basket with a piece of natural pumice, a foot file, some nourishing skin cream, and a Recipe for a Natural Foot Scrub. Voila!

    PERSONAL CARE VOUCHERS - make up your own Personal Care Vouchers as a wonderful homemade gift idea. Offer your time to give friends a massage, or some much needed time out so they can enjoy the natural skin care products you have prepared for them. Better still, spend some time with them making the natural skincare!

    Presentation & Upcycling Ideas

    A few ideas to package and present your all natural skin care products.


  • Wrap in cellophane (biodegradable)and tie with a bow of ribbon, raffia (natural fiber) or piece of fabric.
    Attach a gift tag made from an old calendar photo of flowers with some plain card on the back to write your personalized message.

  • Use a cotton tea towel or soft facecloth as your wrapping material.
    Tie a bow around the outside to keep the parcel together and attach a gift tag.

  • Hemp or jute natural fabrics are also really popular as wrapping materials. Brighten up the parcel with a fabric bow or some brightly dyed raffia or string.

  • My personal favorite for friends, is to find some vintage material to line homemade gift baskets or wrap a jar of treats. If they are also good with sewing or crafts you might choose to include the entire piece of fabric as part of the gift.

    Giving a homemade gift is just one of the many ways
    you can reduce your spending.

    If you are struggling to make ends meet, need advice on how to cut costs or draw up a budget or just want some more Frugal Gift ideas,
    then Ray-Anne's frugal living website can get you started
    on your journey to frugality.


  • Fill a decorative jar or bottle with the product. Use paper or a sticker to cover any markings on the lid with a personalized label. I find short, wide mouth jars really great for most of my homemade products; easy to get the product in, and easy to get the product out.
    Design a label or gift tag for the container with the name of the contents.
    You may or may not choose to wrap the finished product (see the dry products section for wrapping ideas).

  • As you are using all natural ingredients, the container that presents the gift may also be one that can be useful once the skin care product is finished.
    For example, beautiful enough to store jewelry or buttons, or on display in the bathroom with seashells collected on seaside holidays.
    So think about the container you put the gift into as much as the gift itself.

    More great ideas for Homemade Gifts of all kinds.


    There are lots of recipes on this site for homemade lotions, lip gloss, face masks etc...

    A special note to remember is that fresh is best.

    Many of these homemade skin care products are designed to be made fresh regularly, and used within a short space of time, often as soon as they are made.

    They do not contain any of the preservatives and chemicals often used in skincare products and cosmetics to give them a long shelf-life.

    So choose carefully what you include as your homemade gifts and consider when they will be used by their recipient.


  • This is a great book that has a lot of detail about how to create natural beauty products and your own make up that will keep well. Excellent information on preparation, ingredients and how to make sure your product has a shelf life. Great for gifts and for times when you want something you have created to last a bit longer.

    No time for Homemade Gift Ideas this year?
    Have a look at the PurefectYourSkin Ready For You Range.

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