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Afterglow Cosmetics

Our rating: 1 – Very safe

Price: $$

After spending a large chunk of time going through every single product they offered on their website, I am glad to say that Afterglow Cosmetics is a great company to buy from. Those of us who tested their products, for the product review, particularly liked the mascara and lipstick – even those of us who are allergic to most mascaras.

Along with being animal friendly, many of their products are hypo-allergenic due to their organic nature.

For those looking to update their beauty product collection and want a great organic mineral makeup this is a great place to go.

Price $20 - $65

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Our Rating: 1 - Very Safe

Price: $ to $$

One of the reasons so many people choose unnatural products is due to the way it stays on. The non-clumping mascara, the smooth foundations and the easy application of bronzers and blush. Well, now Almay has come out with a Pure Blends line, one that stays on like those unnatural products but much more healthy for your skin!

In this product review, one thing I liked was that they told you how much of their products are actually natural, what wasn't natural and why. I researched the “unnatural” things they use in their makeup and all are very low on the toxicity list, or even rated a 0 (meaning not toxic or dangerous at all).

When we tested their line of products, we found that the foundation didn’t seem to cover very well and it came off very easily, leaving little to no coverage at all.

However, the blush, eyeshadow and lip line were fantastic.

Almay Clear Complexion Makeup

Our Rating: 5 – Moderate

I was checking the ingredients for their clear complexion foundations and it all looked good until I came across the last 5 ingredients which are all some type of paraben. A paraben is a toxic chemical that has been linked to cancer, and neurotoxicity.

Not something I really want to put on my body! Remember; what goes on your body, goes in your body. If you use it every now and then it's not likely to do any harm, but if it's your every day foundation, I'd take a second look and search for something else.

Prices range from $6.99 - $13.95

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5 – Moderate Risk

Price: $ - $$$

While Avon’s prices can fit even a broke college student’s budget, and their large selection of items is tempting, they don’t have many products that ranked well on the natural scale in our product review. With over 600 items to choose from I would only recommend a handful.

A few products that are safe to use are;

  • Astonishing Long and Rich mascara
  • MARK Glam-A-Go-Go Eye shadow Frost
  • Eliza’s Chunky Brow Filler.

There are definitely better options for makeup when trying to go with all-natural/organic skin care products.

Prices range from $0.50 - $63.00

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Honeybee Gardens

Our Rating: 1 – Very safe

Price: $

This was a company I had never heard of before, but as I was searching for natural and organic makeup – specifically mascara - I came across an online forum where someone mentioned them in passing. I visited their website, where I was pleasantly greeted by a clean simple layout that was easy to navigate.

The ingredients to their products are all natural, no yucky chemicals there! They have a great choice of products, ranging from natural nail polish, to lip liner, lip glosses, mascaras and a lot more!

I contacted their customer service to ask a few questions, they were friendly and responded within a few hours. They sent me their Truly Natural Mascara on which to do a product review, and which I received within two days.

Their ad claims that the mascara is weightless, and I must agree it truly is! I felt as though I wasn’t even wearing makeup with it on, though the results of putting it on were obvious! I even accidentally fell asleep wearing it (which I do not recommend anyone do), when I woke up it was still looking great, no smudging, smearing, or dripping. This was one product review that was truly a pleasure!

I am allergic to just about every type of mascara there is - even from natural and organic companies - I was so happy when I tried this mascara, it was the first one where I didn’t have itching, watering, red eyes.

For those of you who are worried about trying new makeup, they also offer samples of their lipstick, eye shadows, nail polish remover (odorless!) blushes and bronzers.

I will definitely be returning for future purchases, and after such a successful product review I recommend them to everyone!

Price $0.50 - $14.99

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Our rating 1-8 – Safe to Moderate Risk

Price: $ - $$$

BareEscentuals is the owner of BareMinerals, Buxom and MD Formulations. While some of their products are safe, some of them have added fillers that can cause skin irritations.

Their foundations, mineral veil, and eye shadows are all safe to use and don’t typically contain anything that would cause allergic reactions. Though the mineral veil does contain some corn starch which on rare occasion may cause a slight skin irritation, but for most it’s completely harmless.

Things I would avoid due to their unnatural content from these companies would be the mascara, the eyelid primer, and the skin rev-er upper.

For the MD Formulations I would not purchase any of it, it has PEG and parabens which have been shown to cause allergic reactions in various people, and studies have been done by Department of Biology and Biochemistry of Brunel University in the UK that show some parabens mimic female estrogen and can have adverse affects on women.

To review; foundation, mineral veil, blush and eyeshadow = safe and mostly natural.

Everything else I looked at through our product review is questionable and I personally would avoid it.

Price: $8.99 - $65

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Our Rating: 1-6 Safe to Moderate Risk

Price: $ - $$$

Lavera is a German company that has been featured in various “Going Green” and health magazines as a natural self-tanner that works.

A few of us have tried Lavera self-tanner and it does work. It’s close to $30 if you factor in the price of shipping when buying from their website, and it’s not really all-natural or ‘all safe’; in fact for $10 you can get Neutrogena’s self-tanner which is just as effective and holds the same ranking as far as ingredients go.

My product review would give it moderate risk, as it does contain ingredients that have been linked to cancer as well as ingredients that may cause slight allergic reactions in some. But it’s one of those “You be the judge” products. It’s not completely harmful, but not completely safe either.

Another part of their product line I would avoid would be the anti-aging skin care, which contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate a known ingredient linked to certain types of cancers, and also used in industrial machinery to keep cutting machines clean. While using a small amount of it probably would not be harmful - it is found in almost every toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and skin care product - meaning it is being absorbed into our skin daily and could potentially cause harm.

The good:

Their sunscreens I am particularly impressed with, as they are all vegan ingredients and don’t contain chemical fillers, they are ingredients that sit on top of the skin instead of blocking the pores and making it impossible for the skin to breathe.

Their organic makeup line only contains a couple of ingredients that may cause slight skin irritation – such as talc in their eye shadow.

Otherwise, it looks pretty good and a few of us have tried it and liked their line.

Prices range from $8.50 - $175.00

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