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Skin Care How To

The  Basics

The Skin Care How To:

Do you know how to take care of your skin?

I think some people think they know but they really don't.

Today I'm going to tell you how to really take care of your skin with some great all natural skin care information for natural beauty!

  • Cleanse - Of course first would be to cleanse your skin daily. Morning and night in order to remove makeup, oil and dirt. Don't skimp on this at night when you are tired - especially if you wear makeup, you'll regret it later! (It can cause acne and other skin problems)

  • Tone - Using a toner or astringent isn't really necessary for great skin. I do think that it's a good thing to add to your skin care routine if you have oily or acne skin, and more during the summer. But I don't think it's crucial.

  • Moisturize - I do think that moisturizing is crucial, and for every skin type. To keep skin soft, smooth, moisturized, young and especially balanced (specifically oily skin, give your body the oil it needs and you wont have so much oil produced!)

  • Exfoliating - I think this this is very important. Removing dead skin will make your skin glow, clean out the pores and allow products to be absorbed much more which means you'll get your full money's worth out of the products. Who doesn't want that?

Beyond the Basics of Skin Care How To

The Skin Care How To; once you have taken care of the basics.

  • Masks - I can't live without them. I can tell when I've gone too long in-between masks just by looking at my skin. I know sometimes it can be hard to find time to use a mask but it's sooo worth it. If you think about it you really can find time easily. Just be creative :) While doing the dishes? Reading before bed? Watching TV or on the computer? It can be done!

  • Steaming - To open the pores and make a mask much more effective. Especially clay masks because they clear out the pores. This is a great way to get spa worthy beauty at home.

  • Massage - I have always wanted a facial massage (Or even a massage period) but I am still waiting. I have gotten a few books from the library on massage but never even looked at them. (Lazy me!) I really do think that massages are great for the skin and body. Pedicures are amazing for dancers!! I think that facial massages do keep the skin younger by increasing circulation, relaxing the faces and toning the skin and muscles.

  • Vitamins for Health - many health problems, including skin care issues, can be related back to deficiencies in the diet. Understanding vitamins and getting the right Vitamins in your diet is essential for healthy skin.


Skin Care How To needs to include all aspects of looking after yourself - as if you don't it is quickly reflected in your skin!

Good health will go a long way to keeping you looking younger, and yoga is a great way to get started.

  • Try yoga and see how it can transform your body!


    There you have it, now you know the how to's of skin care to keep yourself looking fresh, young and beautiful!

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