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The Best Skin Care Tips
for Natural Skin Care

We all want to know the skin care tips of the stars, how they look so great all the time – or maybe we just assume that it’s all plastic surgery or photoshop tricks.

The truth is we can have beautiful skin that looks great at any age through natural skin care and healthy living.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that certain ingredients are in everything. While these ingredients might not be harmful in small doses, in large quantities it can become a problem.


Stress can be a big factor in the aging and health of your skin. Learning to relax, de-stress and take regular breaks is beneficial for both body and soul - and is a great natural skin care technique!

Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar and artificial sweeteners are in almost every food product we buy these days, why? Because they are addictive substances, they appeal more to our senses and once you start eating them, it’s incredibly hard to stop.

A very small amount of sugar can be ok. But I would never recommend eating artificial sweeteners.

However many of us have lost the meaning of portion sizes and sugar control. In 1986 the average sugar consumption by Americans was 26 pounds per year, as of 2008 the average sugar consumption by Americans was 120 pounds per year! That’s an entire person’s body weight worth of sugar, and an astonishing 460% increase in just 22 years.

Avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners is one of the best skin care tips, and best life tip you will ever get. Why?

Side Effects of Sugar

  • Sugar robs the body of nutrients, which in turn can leave your skin dry and brittle

  • It can rob the skin of elasticity and function (what makes your skin youthful), leaving worsened stretch marks, wrinkles, and signs of aging

  • It’s linked to many forms of cancer and yeast infections

  • It disturbs mineral relationships in your body, it can cause your body to have a hard time absorbing calcium and magnesium – which are essential for healthy skin and a healthy body.

  • It lowers Vitamin E levels of the body which are essential for glowing radiant skin.

  • It can contribute to Eczema, by robbing the body of essential nutrients and fibers.

  • It is capable of changing the structure of collagen

    Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

  • Linked to many types of cancers

  • Can cause cell damage, not just to skin cells but all cells, which weakens your immune system. Meaning your body is not as capable of fighting off free radicals and signs of aging set in faster.

  • May cause allergic reactions.

  • Can cause panic attacks and increased nervousness – stress and panic can cause an array of skin problems ranging from eczema to acne.

This is just a small list of health problems that sugar and artificial sweeteners can cause, by avoiding these substances or eliminating them from your diet as much as possible, you will receive numerous health benefits other than glowing skin.

Other benefits of eliminating sugar:

  • Increased concentration.

  • Healthier, stronger teeth.

  • Better hair and nails.

  • Stronger immune system.

  • Weight loss.

  • Better eyesight and more.

The recommended amount of sugar by dietitians is ‘the less the better’, however as a gauge they recommend 25 grams of sugar or less per day, or 15 grams or less per day if you’re trying to lose weight.

By implementing these skin care tips into your daily routine, you are creating a healthier environment for your body, and your skin will thank you for it.

Use All The Help You Can Get

Want to improve acne and skin issues naturally?
Want beautiful hair, nails and teeth?
Want to DITCH harmful chemicals for good?
You need the Purely Primal Skincare Guide!

Need Help Getting Started?

There is so much sugar hiding in our food that it can be harder than you think to remove it from your diet.

Another problem is the addition of artificial sweeteners into food as a substitute for sugar when they are also a problem for the health of your skin and body.

We have become so used to the sweetness that consumer tastes demand it.

Removing as much sugar as you can from what you eat seems a logical step - but it may not be that easy!

I really like the Sugar Busters cookbook as it gives you a really good understanding of how to eat without adding sugar - and why it is a good idea.
Plus the companion guide helps to figure out where the sugar still is in your food! Don't assume you know where it is hiding!

These guides give you a head start in improving your skincare through sugarless eating.


Need Help Staying Away from Sugar Long Term?

One of the biggest reasons we return to old eating patterns is that we get bored with our limited new diet because we don't know what to cook!

If you want to keep sugar out of your diet for the sake of your skin (and your health in general) then you need to learn how to prepare the right food.

There’s JUST ONE REASON you might fail on your sugar free diet and it has everything to do with your ability to make delicious food, FAST.

With this stunningly simple cookbook you'll see how to cook savory, mouth-watering mealsin minutes for some of the busiest Paleo eaters in the world...

Good Sugar is a Facial Scrub!

One good use for sugar is as a facial Sugar Scrub!

Would you like to try a  gentle sugar scrub on your skin?

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