October 2009, Issue 4

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Dry Skin

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www.PUREfectyourskin.com Hello Everyone!

It sure has been a busy month for me! I am working really hard on the website, though my hard work is not yet visible to you. I have been doing a lot of research and content writing, in order to give you the most comprehensive detailed website available – instead of just a basic overview.

I have been learning a lot, and I am sure you will be pleased once the website is fully updated (which may still take a few months). Being that I have been working so hard on content, I almost forgot to write the newsletter this month! We will be discussing dry skin, but before I get to that I want to talk about a new product that I have recently tried; Himalayan Bath Salt.

My mom ordered some, and I got a little extra for myself because I wanted to try it as well. Everything I read about Himalayan Bath Salt told me that taking a bath in 2lbs of this salt for a half hour would be the same as doing a 3 day fast. So, naturally, I was curious; I decided to take a bath in 2 cups of the salt. Where I bought the salt from grinds it very fine, so it was almost like a dust and it turned the water brown from being that way. I soaked for 30 minutes, and got out, thinking that it had done nothing. Over the next half hour, I began to get very hot; I think I drank about 8 glasses of water because I was so thirsty, I also got incredibly hungry which was unusual for me, it was like I hadn’t had anything to eat for a day. Then I had indigestion for an entire day, when I finally realized it was probably caused by the salt bath! I feel great today, and I’m pretty sure that the salt worked as described.

I now sell this salt under the members section of the website, so if you’re interested visit www.purefectyourskin.com/members and log in.

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Dry Skin

Dry Skin Alright, so let’s talk about dry skin. Winter is coming and we all know how the cold weather seems to zap all moisture from our skin. So what is it that we can do to ensure that our skin doesn’t feel rough, crack, or burn? So we all know the basics – drink lots of water and use a good moisturizer. What else can be done to get rid of dry skin? There are a few herbal remedies that have been proven to be effective at increasing moisture in the skin, for this newsletter we will go over just a couple of them, as it would take much too long to go over every single one! One of the best ways to use these herbs is to buy essential oils and add ¼ teaspoon to a bath twice a week. This way the oil is diluted, but puts a nice even coat all over your body leaving it moisturized.


This is a favorite scent for many people, as it is nerve calming and soothing to the mind. However, using this essential oil in a bath, or getting a lotion with lavender essential oil added helps to soothe and repair the skin. It is antiseptic and antifungal and helps skin cells to repair and create a nice hydrated surface. Note: During pregnancy you may want to use only half the recommended dose, or avoid all together. High doses have been known to cause uterine contractions.


This is a common additive for gum, toothpastes, and foods, but the menthol that is contained in peppermint actually helps the skin! It leaves a cooling effect along with preventing microorganism growth and bacterial growth and helps with increasing the oil production of the skin.

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Helps to strengthen the capillaries, and is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, meaning it will protect your skin from the elements and leave your skin soft and supple. If you use rosemary in your cooking, you are protecting your body from free radicals and fighting off cancer causing bacteria, what a great herb to have around!


Known for its romantic scent and calming properties, Jasmine is great to ‘put you in the mood’, but it’s also incredibly useful for dry skin as it provides lots of moisture and hydration for your skin. Using it as a massage lotion is greatly beneficial for emotional well being and skin hydration. It is known as the most calming scent there is.

It is also beneficial for those who are in labor, because it promotes uterine contractions and speed up delivery – thus those who are pregnant should only use it when in labor! You only need 5-6 drops for your bath.


Helps with broken capillaries, improves elasticity of the skin and stimulates cell activity and growth. This is great for nurturing dry skin, new cell growth means any dead and dry cells will be sloughed off leaving the surface skin smooth and soft.

There you have it! A few basic essential oils to help with your winter skin this year. You can even combine the oils in your bath. Lavender and Jasmine would make the perfect relaxing bath!

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Questions and Answers

This month’s question comes from Holly;

Cherise, how do I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes from a lack of sleep? I know the obvious answer is “get more sleep”, but being pregnant has taken a toll on my body and left me without the rest I need. What can I do to help?

Well Holly, there are a few things you can do to help!

  • Crush peppermint leaves, and leave under your eyes for 15 minutes
  • Mix some lemon juice and tomato juice together, and dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply under your eyes for 5 minutes (careful! Don’t get it in your eyes!)
  • Use an ice cube wrapped in a cloth under your eyes for 10 minutes
  • Freeze a few tea bags that have caffeine in them, then place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes
  • And there you have it! Ways to reduce your dark circles.

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    Hope you enjoyed this issue of PUREfect Your Skin newsletter! Until next time, stay healthy, happy and refreshed!

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