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Skin Benefits of Olive Oil

Gentle Natural Moisturizing for all Skin Types

There are many benefits of Olive Oil which originates from the Olea Europea tree.

Once picked, an extensive process that takes them through a mill separating the olive from the leaves and dirt.

It is then ground into a paste, and goes through a slow mixing process to allow the oil to rise above the natural occurring water.

The oil is then skimmed off the top of the water and bottled for you to use!

For years people have known that when it is eaten there are great health benefits for the heart, and aiding in the prevention of cancer. Now there are also many skin benefits when you use it on your skin!

What Conditions Can It Help?

There are many benefits:

What Should I Buy

The best olive oil is the first oil from a cold pressing.

This is referred to as extra virgin, as opposed to just plain olive oil.

After the first pressing the olives are pressed again to gain more oil from them. At this stage further treatment may be required to get the additional oil out of them.
So the first pressing is the best quality oil.

Organic is even better again.

What Is In It That Helps Give You the Skin Benefits of Olive Oil?

First of all it provides a protective layer over the skin that shields it from the harmful elements of the outer world. When this happens it provides the perfect environment for cells to regenerate and heal themselves, creating beautiful skin in the process.

Here are a few components that make this such a great skin product:


  • Protects Sun from damaging UV rays (not an SPF).

  • Blocks free radicals from getting into the skin and damaging the skin cells.

  • Prevents Skin Cancer.

  • It reduces the redness of stretch marks and helps them to fade significantly.

  • Moisturizes and hydrates skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Aids in re-absorption of calcium

  • Improves blood circulation - which creates the environment for cells to grow and repair

  • Evens out skin tone and helps get rid of age spots / liver spots


  • Provides a protective barrier against harmful UV rays (not an SPF)


  • Helps in the anti-aging process due to the anti-oxidants that are present that allow cell regrowth.

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