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Cardamom Essential Oil

And Its Skin Health Benefits

Cardamom has been used for centuries to season food and create scrumptious desserts.

A relative of ginger and turmeric it has been a staple of many Indian dishes.

Both green and black varieties are used for cooking and medicinal purposes.

Cardomom is beneficial in both cooking and medicine.

This popular spice can be used as a spice in cooking,
as well as an essential oil for medicinal purposes.

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It is not one of the most popularly used essential oils in aromatherapy but it still holds a ton of highly beneficial properties when combined with a carrier oil and used on the skin.

Do not use on sensitive skin and always dilute with a carrier oil.

The Benefits of Cardamom

  • It has been said to help those who suffer from anorexia, giving them a new outlook on life and helping them to feel hopeful.

  • It aids in digestion

  • Helps relieve babies of colic and gas

  • Reduces PMS symptoms

  • Relieves Mental Fatigue

  • Uplifting and invigorating

  • A natural libido booster / aphrodisiac

  • Helps ease cough, congestion, bronchitis, and pulminary infections

  • Eases nausea caused by pregnancy and motion sickness

  • It is anti septic

  • A natural decongestant
  • Source: Sheppard-Hanger Sylla, The Aromatherapy Practitioners Reference Manual, Tampa, 1998

    Do not use on sensitive skin and always dilute with a carrier oil.

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