"Good for you and good for the environment"

Eco Friendly Products

Natural Skin Care & Our Environment

Favoring eco friendly products goes hand in hand with making your own organic and all natural skin care. It is another step towards living green, to help protect our environment.

This is something that is close to my heart, and there is a certain feel good factor about doing your part for the health of yourself and our environment.


Using natural ingredients really speaks for itself.

If you are using skin care that does not contain any artificial ingredients or chemicals, then there is nothing unnatural that will go back into the environment when it has been used.

Equally if there is no demand for artificial skin care, then there is no demand for the manufactured ingredients it requires.


How much more natural can you get for packaging than a banana peel or a cucumber?

Mother Earth has her own way of protecting and packaging many of the items that can be utilized for skin care home remedies.

Sure, there are other natural products, such as essential oils, that need to be processed and packaged for handling. But firstly, the ingredients remain natural, and secondly, it is possible to use recycled or recyclable packaging materials.

Living Green

Doing your part to protect our environment is a combination of the many choices in life.

Whether it is about skincare, transport, your home, or the type of business you are involved in - hopefully each day your are making more and more choices that bring you closer to living green.


Being able to make your own natural skincare products also has a really high convenience factor.

When you already have the ingredients on hand at home, you can simply mix up what you need, when you need it.

  • You know it is fresh.
  • You know what is in it.
  • You understand how it works and the benefits to your skin.

  • And you didn't have to go anywhere to get it - plus you have contained your eco-footprint by not getting it made or delivered!

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