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Homemade Lip Gloss Recipes and Tips

DIY Lip Balm Recipe!

Want a fun homemade lip gloss project to do?

Having your lip gloss on hand at all times is absolutely essential - whatever the season!

Dry, cracked lips do not discriminate between spring, summer, fall, winter!

Get in first with this fabulous recipe - and beat those dry lips!


  • Make sure you exfoliate your lips when you are also doing your face. You need to be gentle and take care not to hurt them, but it is worth the effort for smooth, lovely lips when you apply your lipstick or lip gloss. (Sugar is particularly good for this).

  • Try some honey, caster or brown sugar and a little orange juice mixed to a useable paste.

    Homemade Lip Gloss
    for You and Your Friends

    This lip balm recipe makes about 15-20 lip balms in .15 oz tubes.

    Have fun with packaging and presenting your lip gloss.
    Pretty ribbons, labels, special messages for friends and family.

    Have a look at our Homemade Gifts for ideas on gifts and recycled packaging.


  • 2 oz Sweet Almond Oil (57g)

  • ½ oz Coconut Oil (14g)

  • 3 oz Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter (85g) -or a combination of these two

  • ½ oz beeswax pastilles (14g)

  • A few drops of your favorite flavor oil

  • A few drops of stevia leaf extract (for sweetness without the calories)

  • A few drops of Vitamin E oil

  • Containers – something to put the finished product in. It can be lip balm tubes, small containers to make it like a lip gloss or whatever you please.

  • A pipette or dropper to transfer the mix to the tubes

  • A saucepan or pot

  • A stove top or element for heating the saucepan

  • A reasonably accurate way to weigh your ingredients


    1. Add all the ingredients together in the saucepan.

    2. Put the saucepan on the stove, on low-medium heat.

    3. Heat slowly until everything is melted together.

    4. Continue to leave the mixture on quite a low heat as you take the pipette or dropper and transfer to your tubes or containers.

    Special Notes

    * For a more glossy finish add more oil, for a more waxy finish add less oil and more beeswax.

    * Make sure your containers can withstand some amount of heat as the mixture will be warm when it is transferred into them.

    * Quite small size containers are better as the lip gloss will stay fresh for longer if you are not continually using the same large container.

    Homemade All Natural Skin Care Gifts

    * Homemade lip gloss makes a wonderful gift if you can find some special containers to present it in, and decorate to finish.

    Have a look at our Homemade Gifts for ideas on gifts and recycled packaging.

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